Casino streamers in the world

Streaming in online casinos is the broadcasting of the gaming process, which takes place in real time. In fact, the players who record videos are affiliates - they make a profit from the customers they attract to the casino. Therefore, the competition among streamers is growing, the conditions are getting tougher, and broadcasts are still in high demand. Meanwhile, casino streams are popular among players as they can observe breathtaking streams with high stakes and real emotions. Casino streamer also is kind of a guide to the gambling world as he is able to test new slots, gaming platforms etc.

Casino streamer's goal is money or fun?

Streaming videos are posted by experienced gamblers who know a lot about gambling. They actively comment on the gameplay, reveal strategies and answer questions in the chat room. They also run live streams with the game, always showing their face - emotions are important in gambling.

But there's another side to it. Often gamblers are a tool to advertise a particular online casino. That is how casinos attract customers, and the owner of the channel gets a profit by placing referral links. This alliance is mutually beneficial, because the operator increases the flow of new customers, and the streamer gets extra income. Although often such players spend more on their own bets than they earn from the casino.

TOP casino streamers in the world

Created in 2011, the Twitch platform was originally developed by and for video game streamers. Subsequently, thanks to the sharp increase in its traffic and the diversification of users' interests over the years, Twitch has become the live platform for gaming video content accessible to all.

Online casino niche has also experienced significant growth, and it was in 2016 that we began to see the first casino streamers appear, with precursors such as Roshtein or Casino Daddy. Over time, casino and slots streaming has become one of the most watched Twitch categories in the world. In 2022, there were over 50,000 concurrent viewers on Roshtein's channel. Nowadays, apart from two above-mentioned streamers we also could recall ClassyBeef, Bidule, m0E_tv and many others. See the full list of the best gambling streamers below.

Slot streamers open the world of casino games

Slot games are the most popular attraction in the gambling world. There are thousands of slots powered by different providers like NetEnt, EGT, Push Gaming etc. There is a category of players who love only new slots or vice versa only classic editions. Thanks to the slot streamers both categories could explore new interesting slots. Players also could observe its real RTP/volatility with high stakes and long gaming sessions. Slot streamers rarely play single slot machines in a stream. Usually they switch between the few slots they like to play so you have a chance to compare these slots for a real money casino game.

Explore streaming platforms

There are two main hosts where streaming channels are presented - YouTube and Twitch. Keep in mind that YouTube policy prohibits casino ads, channel owners manage to maneuver between the ever-tightening rules of the video hosting.

Twich's policy has been more lenient for a long time, so many online casino streamers moved to this service. But to gain a large audience here is difficult because Twitch is designed for regular gamers and many of the viewers there are minors. Here, too, can be banned for advertising casinos, although the probability is lower than on YouTube.

When it comes to choosing between watching casino wins on YouTube and Twitch, Twitch is gaining more and more ground and viewership among viewers of their favorite live players. YouTube is becoming increasingly strict on the behavior of live streamers, penalizing censorship, phrases and expressions, various advertisements that bloggers may talk about, for example, or be seen as advertisements. This is why more and more streamers are going to Twitch.

How do slot streamers make money

Streaming online slots is quite a difficult occupation, because it is necessary to hook the audience with something and make them watch hours of monotonous repetitive action. That is why few people can earn big money on broadcasts in casinos. But those streamers who were able to overcome the threshold of entry and untwist their channel, get a lot of money, thanks to several methods of earning.

Casino affiliate program

This is an agreement between the casino and the streamer, according to which the second is given a certain amount of money. The money is paid for attracting clients.


Unlike other streaming shows, gambling-themed broadcasts often do not bring in a large number of donations. Viewers watch the streamer win money and do not want to share their hard-earned money with him. Most of the target audience prefers to try to play on their own, rather than pay money to the streamer. But in this case, a trick helps. Streamers offer viewers interesting bonuses and perks in exchange for a donation. Among them:

Twitch and YouTube channels monetization

In addition to personal agreements with casinos and donors, streamers get a small amount of money on affiliate with streaming platforms. On YouTube, streamers gain money for each 1,000 views. Another way of YouTube monetization is sponsorship of subscribers. Subscription costs $4.99. Streamer receives only 70% of the money spent by the viewer on the subscription.

Similar terms of monetization and on Twitch, with one difference. On Twitch, there are also subscription options for $9.99 and $24.99, from which the streamer receives 60 and 70% of the money.

The exact amount of income from casino streaming is very difficult to calculate. It is individual and depends on the conditions of partnerships, the number of views, the amount of donations and other factors.

Are Online Casino Streamers Fake or Not?

Online casino streaming (live stream casino on YouTube, for example) - is the only source to watch other players "live".

A few years ago, online casino streamers became a prominent part of players' views. Players often watch new games, exciting bonuses, loaded with the streamer's emotions - fueling their passion. Likewise, thousands of people watch the games of online streamers. They are attracted by the excitement, the big bets, the big skids and the online conversations.

The development of streaming casinos has become a promising source of traffic, and the casinos have entered into a fierce competition with each other.

There have been many scandals and revelations online, but the fantastic reality of big winnings from streaming casinos continues to take precedence over the work of streamers. Only experienced affiliates can afford to lose their own money in casinos, which are 100% sure to recoup their investment through their affiliate program very quickly.

Popular streamers have started to earn tens of thousands of dollars a month in affiliate programs!

Therefore, if you are considering playing a streamer game in real time, you may want to pay attention to the real money and demo accounts that are displayed on the screen. Often, experienced, professional gamblers play for real money. And online casino streamers and play money certainly exist, but you have to do your own investigation to understand how honest this or that player is.

Guide on how to become a casino streamer

If you have a strong expertise in casino games and desire to show it, here are a few tips where to start on this path.

Technical preparations before casino streaming

Before moving on to how streaming is created, it is worth noting that it requires a decent: computer, microphone, camera, and internet. All of this is needed not just to get on the air, but to make it high-quality.

Streaming is created thanks to special programs. One of the most popular is OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). It's free, so you can easily download and start using it. You will need to install some audio and video settings, make the design, link the program to a channel on YouTube, Twitch or another platform. Below is you can find a video guide on OBS.

Getting ready with the stream

You'll have to think about how to attract and retain an audience. Accordingly, you need to know approximately who your audience will be. For example, the top english speaking casino streamers just stream videos and thereby entertain the audience. But the top Russian streamers often season their performances with some scandals, intrigue, eccentric tricks. Whether it is planned or not, it does not matter. The main thing is that they achieve their goal.

The work of a casino streamer is equivalent to the creation of the show. Only there is no team of writers, designers, operators, sound engineers and all the others who help make the show. You have to do everything yourself, or hire someone as it becomes financially possible.